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Tri-Wall Pak® has 10 times the compression strength of conventional corrugated board. It is light in tare-weight with heavy duty strength for stacking. You can reduce overall package size if compared to wood packaging which is critical in substantially reduce cost for air freight, truck, & container shipment.

Tri-Wall Pak 1300 Grade

Bi-Wall Pak 850 Grade

Why Choose Tri-Wall Pak®

International Follow Up System
Compact Form Delivery
High Shock / Impact Absorbency
Light Tare Weight
High Stacking Strength
Non Hazardous
Reduce Packing / Unpacking Labor cost
Available In Any Quantity
Eliminate Fumigation
Available In Large Size
Weather Resistant
Rust Resistance
Dust Free
Conserve Forestry Resources
Contains No Toxic Substance
Reduce Container Cost