Samples Of Our Packaging

Below are a few samples of our Tri-Wall Pak custom boxes. You can see the heavy products we packed and the strength of our boxes. We also make conventional boxes and sell packaging accessories e.g. Tri-Wall nails, desiccant, strapping band, strapping clip and wooden pallet.
Aircraft Part Aircraft Part Automotive Rack Bar Box Automotive Rack Bar Box
Automotive Part in Uni-Pak Automotive Part in Uni-Pak Automotive Stamping Automotive Stamping
Automotive Windscreen Automotive Windscreen Ink Jet Machine Packing Ink Jet Machine Packing
Precision Conveyor Precision Conveyor Plastic Roll Plastic Roll
Fan Motor For Air-Cond Fan Motor For Air-Cond Extra Long Wrap Around Box 220 gallon EZ-BUlk Tote
Paper Pallet TW Pallet With TW Corner Post